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The recommendations listed below are based on the fundamental assumption that no money is available to advertise and market your chapter.  This fits under the spirit of conserving funds for other chapter needs.


There are two natural avenues to advertise:



- Broadcast to IEEE members


Each EMBS Chapter should have an electronic listing of EMBS members in their Section.  If you don't have it or need an update, be sure to contact us at


Each IEEE Section has its own distribution list where they advertise all the chapter activities of the section.  Be sure to give the Section Chair your event flyer and request to have it included in the Section's monthly newsletter and/or Section's website.  The event is then advertised to anyone who is an IEEE member, whether EMBS member or not. 


- Broadcast to non IEEE members


Find other professional and technical organizations that are not IEEE based who advertise their  events in your area and "trade favors" with them.  Have them announce your events in exchange of your announcing their events.


Look for electronic calendars - Most local newspapers have them available for free and you can post your speaker events on their site.  Also universities have electronic calendars of all university based events.  Requests to have your event posted since it is an educational event.


Provide flyers of upcoming events to attendees and ask them to post the flyers on their companies bulletin board. 


Contact the persons in charge of human resources at your local biomedical companies and ask them if they would consider either posting the events on their bulletin board or broadcast to the company's employees.