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There are several parameters worthy of tracking during the growth and life of a chapter as they indicate the health of the chapter.  Here are some that we would recommend.  You are welcome to add more to your standard operations. 




Number of meetings per year







Number of attendees for each meeting





Number of new attendees




Corporate affiliations



This is an overall assessment of the level of activities of a chapter.  IEEE requires a minimum of two technical events per year.  We would like to advise at least 8 meetings (one speaker per event) or two conference days per year.  IEEE and EMBS monitor this number closely. 




The number of attendees reflects the quality of the speakers that you are bringing and the efficiency of your announcements.  This is information for yourself.  IEEE and EMBS ask you to record the number of attendees but does not derive conclusions from it. 




This illustrates how well the "word is spreading around" about your events




Very useful information for soliciting companies for Corporate donations.