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EMB Society will send $10 to your chapter for each new EMBS member you bring to the Society.  Funds are sent for groups of 10 new members.  Person to contact once you have 10 new members is Laura Wolf at


In order to add EMBS members to your area, you need to show the value of the EMBS Chapter to people who are not EMBS members.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to make your events open to either general public, or IEEE members at large.


Here are some easy approaches to steadily increase the EMBS membership that do not require to become a salesman.

At Each Speaker Meeting













In your electronic announcements









Offer something in exchange of becoming an EMBS member




Give the website where people can become an EMBS member

(or IEEE member)


Starting in March of each year, announce that membership is 50% discounted (this is in effect till end of July of each year).


Ask the EMBS office to send you a box of past EMBS magazines and distribute them at your events to show the quality of the publications avaible for EMBS members.




Include a statement encouraging recipients to become an IEEE-EMBS members and paste the same two links. 


In October and November, when IEEE members receive their renewal statements from IEEE, send an electronic note to your past attendees and encourage them to sign up for the EMBS membership also.




This could be:

- free meal at one of the events

- free access to something of value

- free service from one of the Chapter Officers,