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You may not have been told how IEEE measures the success and progress of your EMBS chapter. IEEE uses the number of times you file an L31 form as a sign of performance.


For an EMBS chapter to be acknowledged as a “live chapter” by the IEEE organization, the chapter needs to organize at least two meetings each year. If you had at least 2 events in 2005, but no L31 was filed, IEEE will assume that your chapter is defunct and your chapter will disappear from IEEE.


You can always file L31’s several months after the fact. So, if it was not done in 2005, be sure to go and fill out these forms.


Click here to file your L31.

L31's are filed when you have:


- meeting(s) with your officers to organize or plan an event

- speaker meetings

- conference days

- outreach events into the community

- celebration events with your officers


L31’s can be filed on line and take 2 minutes or less.

Consider making it an habit to file your L31’s after each event.


Find the instructions to fill your L31's, here